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Getting the Facts: What You Need to Know About Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best forms of local marketing out there nowadays. Here are just some of the things you should know about it.

  • People aren’t using phone books anymore. – Nowadays, when people need to find a product or service, they just Google. They don’t really turn to the Yellow Pages anymore. Research shows that more than half (54%) of Americans have substituted the Internet and local search for phone books. What’s more, 97% of consumers use the Internet when researching local products and services, and 95% of smartphone owners have looked up local information online.
  • You need to be the King of the Hill. – However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start raking in the new customers just because you’re showing up in Google’s results, and just because you have a website. You need to be on top. More than half (53%) of the organic search traffic goes to the top ranked result, and 75% of users don’t even click past the first page of results.
  • It works. – SEO works. It brings in high value leads, and prompts immediate action. Local marketing research shows that SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, which doesn’t sound all that great, but outbound leads — ones earned from direct mail or cold calling — only have a 1.7% close rate.
  • People are more likely to do business with you if they found you through their mobile device. – SEO is even more effective when it comes to mobile platforms. More than half (55%) of purchase-related conversions occur in less than one hour of a lead’s initial mobile search. In other words, half of those people who find your business or service through their mobile device are going to take some form of action in less than 60 minutes.

Search marketing has become the new way to local marketing. If you have any questions about how local SEO can help your business, feel free to share in the comments.