4 Steps To Building An SEO Strategy That Gets Results

Welcome to 2017. Google is still the king of online search and you have two choices to make for your website. You can either a) get in line with what Google expects for a well optimized website, or b) you can continue to languish in the search engine rankings where you get no traffic at…

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Some Facts And Mis-Perceptions About Local SEO

Most people are confused with what SEO really means and how it affects their business … and therefore what a successful local SEO strategy¬†includes. So I wanted to take some of the ‘perceived’ SEO best practices that many people hear and break them down a bit. What you will find from this article is that…

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How to Find the Best Local Link Building Opportunities

At this point, no one is surprised when Google decides to shake everything up with a new algorithm. It’s their prerogative – after all, they have a business to run and millions of users to keep happy. They want to do their best to deliver results that most closely match the search their users enter.…

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The Basics of Local SEO

It wasn’t that long ago that many businesses were questioning whether or not they really needed a website. Even a decade ago, many small, local businesses interested only in serving a customer base within a small region could have managed without one. Today, that has changed thanks to the introduction of smartphones. Phonebooks of old…

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7 Common Myths and Misconceptions About SEO

There are almost endless myths about search engine optimization (SEO), and most of them are nothing new. The naysayers that claim social media is some kind of scam to separate fools from their money are the same people who claim that their auto mechanic is always ripping them off with unnecessary repairs. If you’re trying…

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How to Figure Out the Keywords Your Customers Are Using

If you have been practicing search engine optimization (SEO) for a while, then you are likely aware of the importance of keywords when it comes to ensuring that target traffic reaches your site. With proper use of relevant keywords, you can better meet your own goals and visitors will be happy to find what they’re…

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